Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Save the Date - Animate Alameda Fall Fundraiser

Take a gorgeous space (a.k.a the Phoenix), some delicious food (care of Saint Butter Bakery), some killer Hunter Cocktails, and mix it in with a strong dollop of dance  (performance, film, photo exhibits) and there you have it.  The perfect Thursday evening! Buy a ticket, bring a friend or five, be tempted by the stellar Silent Auction Prizes and help us to continue raising funds for the Animate Alameda Project.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Beautifully written review for 2+1

Thank you so much to Molly Rose-Williams for posting this review on the fantastic Life as a Dancer blog.
                                                A Response to Tara Pilbrow’s “2+1”

One of the lovely things about performing this piece is that the event is much more social and relaxed than your average 'trip to the theatre.'  I love that people come, enjoy the piece, hang around, play bubbles, have some cake and generally share some quality time together.  Thank you Molly for capturing the spirit of the venture so beautifully.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Catching up!

After only one year, I have finally managed to update my website.  All the dates are now backward (or at least to anyone who lives outside of the US) and there's a little more info on my work here in the Bay Area.  Check it out (and let me know when you find any typos!)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Meet the new 2+1 cast

Rehearsals started for the US premiere of 2+1.  Performance times and ticket info will be available shortly, but for now I wanted to introduce the cast; meet Roxanne and Colin....

Roxanne Gray is originally from San Antonio, TX and has been performing, teaching, and choreographing in the Bay Area since 2013. She graduated with a BA in Dance from Brigham Young University, where she was honored to perform with Contemporary Dance Theatre. During her time with CDT, she was able to work with choreographers such as Carly Condor, Pat Debenham, Caroline Prohosky, and Susan Lloyd. After graduation, Roxanne studied at dance centers in NYC and around the Bay Area, and is currently dancing with Stephanie Unger and Artists. In addition to performing, Roxanne is premiering a new work this Fall with Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company and working on a dance film, entitled "Collage." She is also the mother of two little girls, who keep her on her toes.

Colin Epstein is a dancer and acrobat who calls Oakland home, and teaches parkour and acrobatics at Athletic Playground and Kinetic Arts Center. The rest of his time is divided between dancing on the ground & in the air for Bay Area companies including 13th Floor Dance Theater, Lizz Roman & Dancers, Palanza Dance, and Deborah Slater Dance Theater; directing Twisted Oak Dance Theater; and producing a yearly event (Constants & Variables) showcasing the amazing talent in the Bay Area dance and circus communities.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

2+1 Reincarnation

Thanks to support from the Dancers Group CA$H Fund, we are finally going to start work on US reincarnation of 2+1.  Very excited to be working with talented Bay Area performers Colin Epstein and Roxanne Gray, and stage manager Hannah Westbrook.

After 16 weeks in a cargo ship and almost a year in boxes, I was a little nervous when I took the 2+1 set out of the shipping boxes.  You will be happy to know it is as good as ever.  Forever grateful to Jamie Vartan, Sarah Mills, and Rachel Stringer for their ideas, and hard work.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Animate Dance Festival website goes live

Take a look at the website for my latest project.  The festival is still a work in progress and many many challenges remain before it comes to fruition but the website is at least a statement of intent!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Calling all Bay Area Dancers....don't forget that Tara Pilbrow Dance is holding an audition this Sunday to find two dancers to recreate this piece:

Where: Shawl Anderson Dance Center, 2704 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley
When: Sunday, September 17th 2-4pm
Paid rehearsals and performances, rehearsal schedule to be determined with dancers.
For info: