Thursday, 19 June 2014

2+1 rehearsal footage - 'bath scene'

Amir and Vanessa in rehearsal for the famous 'bath scene'.  Always a high risk moment, both dancers have been soaked a number of times.  This is a beautiful run - tension held perfectly, right up until the glorious cock-up at the end.

2+1 rehearsal footage - 'final section'

Beginning and end of the last section of the piece so far, including a wonderful recovery from Vanessa as she slips up on yet another baby grow!

2+1 rehearsal footage 'jumper section'

Known as the jumper section because all the movement was created with the dancers wearing two hoodies that had been zipped together.  Thanks to Geoffrey Streatfeild and Anna Madeley for the voice-over.

Extracts from '2+1' at the Cockpit Theatre

Here are a few moments from the final sharing of our 3 week R&D period.

For those of you who are keen to see some behind scenes footage, I'll be posting some rehearsal footage shortly.