Friday, 1 November 2013

A momentous moment, Tara Pilbrow Dance finally ventures into 21st century communications!

After years of resistance to blogs, tweets, instagram and most other forms of instant sharing, I have finally given in, and decided to create a blog.  Like so many elements of modern technology, for the non-blogger, a blog may seem completely redundant; a time-consuming way of pumping your opinions into cyber-space, where they are soon lost amongst the voices of so many others.  However, after years of pressure, I have finally convinced myself of the benefits of a well written blog.  I think that one of the key moments was the realization that I myself was interested in what others had to say, not only my dance idols: well-known dancers and choreographers, but also other colleagues, and choreographers of my own generation who, unlike me, have been posting about their work for years.  Far from reading as egotistical, or gratuitous publicity, many were able to share their ideas in a way which opened up their work for me, and gave me a welcome insight into their creative process.   Here's hoping that this blog will manage to do the same for me.